13th Age: Eyes of the Stone Thief by Pelgrane Press

By Pelgrane Press

Are you able to kill the dungeon earlier than it kills you?

In thirteenth Age, dwelling dungeons slither up during the underworld and invade the outside lands. The Stone Thief is the main historical and crafty of its style; an enormous monster that preys at the towns and constructions you like, swallows them, and remakes them into extra deathtrap-filled degrees within itself. Now, it’s looking YOU.

For players:
• Embark on a saga of insanity, revenge and enormous monsters
• relief or thwart the schemes of the Icons as they conflict for keep watch over of the dungeon
• Slay, loot and live to tell the tale deep within the bowels of the earth
• ruin this age-old hazard forever

For GMs:
• A sizeable crusade protecting the total Champion tier (4th to eighth level)
• 13 degrees of peril from the dungeon’s beginning Maw to the orc hordes of the Deep maintain, the terrors of the • Pit of Undigested a while, and the nightmare urban past the Onyx Catacombs
• New monsters, new treasures, new traps, and new factions to your thirteenth Age crusade

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On closer examination, those pillars aren’t stone—they’re hollow glass specimen cases, filled with a murky dark-colored vapor. Shapes swirl inside the vapor, as the pillars are inhabited by wraiths. The wraiths can use their spiraling assault ability from within the pillars, so as soon as the adventurers start fighting the gargoyles, the wraiths wait for the escalation die to hit 2, then bombard them with negative energy. The wraiths can also retreat back inside the pillars to hide. Smashing a Pillar: Inflicting 20 damage on a pillar smashes it— and releases the vapor into the room.

They vowed to take revenge on civilization. The Campaign Ends Badly… … when the cult successfully brings about the apotheosis of the dungeon. G A M E M A ST E R The cult doesn’t have any strong positive associations with icons outside the dungeon. That’s deliberate—the icons are the powers and princes of the 13th Age, and the cult is a relic from a previous time. It’s a laughable collection of isolated, inbred cult families and crazy urban terrorists, run by a bunch of ancient wizards who can’t even reliably communicate with their own servants.

The Vizier (page 180) monitors Deep Keep, and through its partnership with the warlord Fangrot, controls the residents of that level too. It’s the most ambitious of the group, and quarrels with the Architect. • An eighth Custodian once ran the Grove, but was destroyed. Quote “Intruders! Intruders! ” Usual Location Each Custodian is tied to a specific region of the dungeon. They can leave their assigned section for short times, but are bound to return to watch over their charges. Most Custodians have a preferred manifestation point, where they form faces in the stone surfaces to address the monsters in their service.

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