7 Days and 7 Nights by Wendy Wax

By Wendy Wax

It's Him vs. Her whilst romance collides with reality--and everyone seems to be watching....

He says...he'll have his means together with her inside of every week. Radio character Matt Ransom of Atlanta's raucous, testosterone-fueled man speak is hoping on a convinced factor whilst he consents to be locked up in a tiny condominium for seven days with the contest: the earnest Dr. Olivia Moore. It's an on-camera exposure stunt and Matt's decided to come back out on best.

She says...she'll by no means make a similar mistake two times. even though their long-ago affair is a mystery, Olivia feels as though her damaged middle is on reveal every time she crosses paths together with her infuriatingly cocky--and undeniably charismatic--nemesis. Now she's caught with him within the truth exhibit from hell...or is it heaven? All she has to do is preserve a degree head, even whereas some other a part of her is spinning dizzily out of control.

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