8080 8085 Assembly Language Programming by Intel Corporation

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11-13. CHAPTER 2 THE SOC DESIGN FLOW Our primary tools for comprehending and controlling complex objects are structure and abstraction --Niklaus Wirth SOC design techniques are layered upon ASIC design methods. Therefore, any proposed system-design style intended for SOCs must be compatible with ASIC design flows. A truly practical SOC design style must, in fact, seamlessly dovetail with the ASIC design flow. Such a design style should not require the SOC design team to learn and use radically new design tools.

Most complex, high-performance tasks have easily identifiable subtasks that can be distributed to multiple processors 48 Chapter 2 9 The SOC Design Flow and executed in parallel. 264 video decoding consists of subtasks that include bitstream parsing and decoding and pixel reconstruction using macroblocks. 264 decoding algorithm. 264 decoder lack the cooling fans or power sources needed to support such a processor in a system. The single, complex video-decoding task can be split across two tailored ASIPs: a bitstream processor and a pixel processor.

This is the underlying premise behind the development of configurable processor cores or ASIPs. ISA extension is not new. Processor vendors have long added ISA extensions to enhance application performance. The bestknown ISA extensions are probably the enhancements made to Intel's 8086 processor by the 8087 floating-point coprocessor and the MMX and SSE multimedia extensions added to Intel's Pentium processor family. These examples demonstrate that it's quite possible to significantly improve a processor's execution performance for specific tasks through ISA extension.

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