A book of showings to the anchoress Julian of Norwich by of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

By of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

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But it was by no means the rule that nuns and anchoresses were invariably served as chaplains by religious priests; for many isolated nunneries and anchorholds, such a rule would have been impractical. 12fi The Benedictine women's abbeys at Shaftesbury, Wherwell, Wilton and Winchester supported each four prebendary canons; and Eileen Power considered that 'these prebends were doubtless originally intended for the maintenance of resident chaplains'. l27 The Prioress in the Canterbury Tales was accompanied by three priests;128 and when the Host addresses one of them as 'Sir John',129 he indicates that this was no religious.

OE a + nasal: ane (27 x), one ( 4 X ) , anly ( 4 X ) , onlye (\ x), anej, aned, anyng, banes, na (4 x), nane (9 x), none (3 x), nothere, nathynge (9 X ), nothynge (2 x), noujt, ta. 3. OE -aid-: aide, behalde, behaldynge, calde, halde. 4. OE 5: goodenes, othere. 5. To be': Present indicative i: am; 2: erte ( 4 X ) , arte, ert, er; 3: is (166 X), es (fyx), ys (28 X); P I : ere (18 x), er (17 x), are ( a x ) , ar U x ) ; Present subjunctive (singular and Pi): be; Preterite indicative i and 3: was; PI: ware dox), were ( 2 X ) ; Preterite subjunctive i and 3: ware (18 x), were ( a x ) ; Pi: ware ($X ), were; 66 The criteria considered are those employed by Joyce Bazirc: The Dialect of the Manuscripts of The Chastising of God's Children'.

27 are all nonsense-readings of his). g. 17. 55) is the clearest example. g. 29. The fidelity of the text of 82 to that of Si leaves no doubt that the younger manuscript was copied from the older; and this is clearly shown at 684. i in Si, where the scribe had omitted the chapter heading and number, which Sa's scribe has supplied in the elegant capital Roman numerals which appear throughout 82. g. 56). g. g. 12). Chronologically, this is not impossible; the chief scribe of U, Barbara Constable, it has been seen, lived for fourteen years after the publication of C.

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