A Byzantine encyclopaedia of horse medicine: the sources, by Anne McCabe

By Anne McCabe

How have been Greek texts at the care and scientific remedy of the pony transmitted from antiquity to the current day? utilizing the proof of Byzantine manuscripts of the veterinary compilation referred to as the Hippiatrica, Anne McCabe lines the adventure of the texts from the stables to the medieval scriptorium and finally to the published version. Surviving manuscripts comprise either terrific presentation copies and simple ones meant to be used within the box. The Hippiatrica is a wealthy and little-known resource of knowledge approximately horses, medication, and magic. This e-book presents a advisor to its advanced historical past in addition to a number of interesting info, and comprises colour illustrations of a couple of manuscript pages.

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Response: The casting of spells is forbidden by God, and must not be employed at all, for to transgress God’s command is the ruination of the soul. Administer to it rather the other sort of treatments, those of the horse-doctors, for they are not a sin. 72 The various recensions of the Hippiatrica provide evidence that horse-doctors could prescribe magic too. Moreover, the censoring and the return of magic discernible in various recensions show that contradictory attitudes persisted throughout the Byzantine period, and illustrate the perennial appeal of magical cures.

1995 does. 44 A catalogue of his library datable to the late sixteenth century45 lists three manuscripts of hippiatric texts, but the precision with which the titles of the manuscripts are transcribed permits these manuscripts to be identiWed as Parisinus gr. 1995 (no. 65), Phillipps 1539 (no. 73), and Parisinus gr. 2244 (no. 46 The books of the College of Clermont were never auctioned, but were purchased virtually en bloc by the Dutch jurist and bibliophile Gerard Meerman (1722–71). 49 The text of B diVers from that in M most obviously in its organization.

2244, 14th c. R Lugdunensis Vossianus gr. Q 50, 14th c. V E ¼ the Epitome: Parisinus gr. 2244 Parisinus gr. ) Lugdunensis Vossianus gr. Q 50 Parisinus gr. 2091, late 14th/early 15th c. Vaticanus Ottobonianus gr. 338, 16th c. Vaticanus gr. 1066, 15th c. Vaticanus gr. 114 (Wrst section), 15th c. Vaticanus gr. 114 (second section) Parisinus gr. 1995, 14th c. Vaticanus Palatinus gr. 365, 15th c. 3 THE M RECENSION Parisinus gr. 2322, or ‘M’ (168 by 130 mm, 263 folia), is written on Wne parchment in a plain hand attributed to the eleventh century by Omont,4 but which, Mr Nigel Wilson has suggested to me, is more likely to belong to the late tenth.

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