Guide to Biblical Prophecy by Carl E. Armerding, W. Ward Gasque

By Carl E. Armerding, W. Ward Gasque

This booklet includes average, useful details on the best way to study Biblical prophecy, with examples. you'll examine much in regards to the topic. doesn't move into what the ebook of Revelation capacity, in simple terms how one can overview it.

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This is the subject to which we must now address ourselves. He is what is called a premillennialist, believing that Jesus Christ will return to earth and establish His reign of one thousand years, according to Revelation 20. It has often been pointed out, and with ample justification, that there were premillennialists—such as Irenaeus, that most-biblical of all the Church Fathers—in the early days of the 42 NINETEENTH-CENTURY ROOTS Christian era. It must also be stressed, however, that at this time the church did not give itself to serious theological endeavor in the area of prophecy.

Lewis warned that a belief in the Second Coming of Christ must never preclude sober work for the future within the limits of ordinary morality and prudence. . For what comes is judgment: happy are those whom it finds laboring in their vocations, whether they were merely going out to feed the pigs or laying good plans to deliver humanity a hundred years hence from some great evil. The curtain has indeed now fallen. Those pigs will never in fact be fed, the great campaign against white slavery or governmental tyranny will never in fact proceed to victory.

Premillennialism also commended itself by its apparent realism in the face of liberalism. It pictured an increasingly apostate church prior to the Second Advent, and this was exactly what liberalism seemed to be bringing about. Postmillennialism in many places was also losing its biblical rootage as its sanguine out55 A GUIDE TO BIBLICAL PROPHECY look was overwhelmed by secular ideas of progress and evolutionary optimism. This left an eschatological vacuum into which premillennialism, as the only seemingly viable alternative, naturally flowed, since many evangelical postmillennialists, in the sections of the world particularly feeling the effects of liberalism, believed it was necessary to abandon a viewpoint that was assuming such ostensibly nonChristian overtones.

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