A History of Indian Literature - Vol. I: Veda and Upanishads by Jan Gonda

By Jan Gonda

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6, 7, 3 seems to have been enlarged under the influence of KS. 6, 7: 56, 14; for 7, 10, 4 cf. SB. 3, 7, 1, 13; 17, 11, 3 is based on TS. 5, 4, 3, 2f. and KS. 21, 6: 44, 13f. 39 Thus ApSS. 17, 14, 1, and 17, 19, 6 may be based either on MS. or on SB. 34 The srautasutras 501 At this point the mutual relations of the Srautasutras call for closer attention. It must be emphasized that the problems to be faced are different from those that result from an examination of the relations between srautasutras and brdhmanas.

CALAND, in GGA, 1897, p. 280: "Eine Darstellung des vedischen Rituals ohne die Mantras (ist) keine Darstellung, weil ja oft die Handlung selbst oder deren Zweck erst durch die Mantras erkennbar wird". 8 See n. 12. 9 For particulars: RENOTT, Fjeoles, p. 7. g. HIIXEBRANDT, Ritualliteratur, p. 19 and for the variations M. BJOOOMFIELD and F. EDGEBTON, Vedic variants, I, Philadelphia 1930, p. 11. 504 J. g. 13 In any case, it is impossible to understand the solemn rites without a thorough knowledge of the function, and often also of the history, of the mantras, which are intended to consecrate and explain the ritual acts.

I, p. 47. 135 See the fragments published by CALAND in AO 4, p. 180; 202; 1, p. 6; 4, p. 35; and M. WITZEL, in SII 1, p. 93. CHAPTER II THE gRAUTAStfTRAS 1. General introduction. The srautasutras of the Yajurveda The srautasutras1 are manuals compiled for a practical purpose, viz. giving directions to those who officiated at the several solemn sacrificial rites that were performed or recommended in Vedic times. 2 These works are closely connected with the older Vedic literature and in a particular way3 related to and based on the brdhmanas which they often quote and which they sometimes follow in their vocabulary and phraseology.

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