Literary History Of The Arabs by Reynold A. Nicholson

By Reynold A. Nicholson

The Arabs in the course of 1000 years or extra produced one of many richest and such a lot vast literatures of the realm, embracing wonderful poetry (of the fierce barren region existence both with the sophistication of royal courts), belles lettres (learned essays, satires, de arte amoris), spiritual, mystical and philosophical writings, and enormous compendia of heritage, biography and geography. For sixty years, the easiest account in English of this mammoth output has been, through common consent, R. A. Nicholson's Literary background of the Arabs; its supremacy will lengthy stay unchallenged. That it's a booklet filled with erudition and excessive severe judgement is going with no announcing; its writer is usually a poet-translator of infrequent excellence.

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E. -). D. and made an end of the Caliphate. Sweeping onward, they were checked by the Egyptian The Poat-~lon- Mamelukes and retired into Persia where some gollan penod. ' ' fifty years afterwards, they embraced Islam. ). The unity of Islam, in a political sense, was now destroyed. Out of the chaos three Mubammadan empires gradually took shape. In 1358 the Ottoman Turks crossed the Hellespont, in 1453 they entered Constantinople, and in 1517 Syria, Egypt, and Arabia were added to their dominions.

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