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The Cambodian Version of the Ramayana

Released within the 12 months 2004, The Cambodian model of the Ramayana is a worthwhile contribution to the sphere of Asian experiences.

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9. Painted Warefrom CentralMound, TrenchF, Level5 I. Buff core; surface very soft and floury, probably unslipped; dark brown paint. ; Diameter: 45 cm. 2. Core: reddish brown; thick reddish brown slip outside and inside; dark brown paint. 4 cm. BJ/67/241. 3. Dirty buff core with hard scraped interior; buff slip outside; brown paint, mainly worn away. Diameter: 36 cm. 4. Dirty buff core; buff slip outside, hard scraped inside; dark brown paint. Diameter: cm. 5"5 5. Fine, pinky buff core; cream slip on outside; brown paint.

27 cm. Core: dirty buff; streaky pinkish brown slip; paint dark brown. ; Height: 12'5 cm. Hearth, inside Pot Ii. BJ/66/I13. Fig. 8. Potteryfrom CentralMound, TrenchF, Levels4A-C. Nos. 2-15 Painted Ware; 16-19 Buff CookingWare. cm. 4A I. Core: buff with large grits; no slip; combed decoration; brown paint. o directly below 3B pavement. 2. Brown, fairly coarse, straw tempered; dark red-brown slip; brown paint. cm. ; Diameter: 3. Buff, hand made; outside and inside washed pink; brown paint. 2 3"5 4C.

No complete vessels were found. The characteristicshape can be inferred from sherds coming from the shoulders of carinated jars, crudely decorated with ribbing, nicking and grooving (Fig. Io: 17-19). GravePottery The pottery from Graves 1-3 in Level 5A seems to equate more closely with that from Level 4 than 5. In particular the red slipped jar from Grave 2 (Fig. I I: 3) exactly follows the shape of the 4C pithoi and is decorated with " spiked hatching ". The exception is Grave I which contains a red cooking ware bowl.

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