Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual Women and Bisexual by Ronald C. Fox

By Ronald C. Fox

Examine the most recent practical—and bisexually affirmative—approaches to supporting bisexual clients

Clinical paintings with bisexual consumers has conceptually shifted past the particular emphasis on both directly or lesbian and homosexual matters. There are nonetheless, even though, too few psychotherapists who offer affirmative psychotherapy particular to bisexual issues. Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual ladies and Bisexual males addresses the problems of bisexuals with an accepting and affirmative viewpoint, delivering therapists with the most recent viewpoints, suggestions, and learn to successfully deal with bisexual consumers. best professionals with affirmative-to-bisexuals views talk about difficulties particular to bisexuals and their life, with an eye fixed towards offering useful, powerful treatment. specific bisexual way of life issues are tested, resembling transgender matters, polyamory, older bisexual men and women, and cultural transformations, whereas supplying an emphasis on cultivating future health and a feeling of neighborhood in bisexual clients.

Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual ladies and Bisexual males sensitively avoids the double usual lengthy held by way of therapists clinically treating heterosexual or lesbian and homosexual contributors, exhibiting that an affirmative point of view is legitimate and the most important for the potent therapy of bisexuals. This resource truly explains functional innovations and discusses the newest learn on bisexual matters equivalent to age, tradition, heterosexual and bisexual combined undefined, and the polyamorous way of life with applicable reputation and realizing. The ebook additionally explores invaluable how you can boost profitable overall healthiness and help providers particular to bisexual needs.

Topics in Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual ladies and Bisexual males include:

affirmative psychotherapy ideas particular to bisexual girls and bisexual men
want for validation of bisexuality
methods for consumers to come back to phrases with their bisexuality
functional value—and shortcomings—of the most healing faculties in supplying potent psychotherapy
transgender bisexuality, with illustrative case studies
wishes and problems with African-American bisexual clients
bisexual getting older issues
counseling heterosexual spouses of bisexual ladies and men
treatment ways for consumers who're bisexual and polyamorous
spotting and addressing the explicit wishes of alternative sub-groups of bisexual people
and more!

Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual girls and Bisexual males is a vital addition to the literature of bisexual psychotherapy and is worthy to counselors, psychotherapists, marriage and family members therapists, social staff, psychiatrists, intercourse therapists, researchers, and educators within the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, sexuality, intercourse schooling, adolescent and grownup improvement, and group psychological health and wellbeing.

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An individual may have a conflict or mix of thoughts and feelings about his bisexuality, about disclosing his sexual orientation to his partner, about discussing his bisexuality with his partner, and about the potential consequences for the relationship. There may also be issues related to monogamy and non-monogamy, risk for HIV/AIDS and other STDs, or the experience of being both bisexual and a member of a racial, ethnic, or cultural minority. Self-Disclosure of Sexual Orientation in Bisexual Men’s Relationships Some bisexual men are aware of their attractions to both women and men prior to the start of a particular relationship, while others only become aware of their bisexuality during the course of a relationship.

There are several typical issues that bisexual men may bring to therapy related to their sexual orientation, including: identity; coming out to self and others; relationships; sexuality; and issues of cultural diversity. In addition to client issues, there are also issues that may arise for therapists in working with bisexual clients, which often have their sources in stereotypes about bisexuality from psychological theory and from the individual experience of the therapist. WHAT IS BISEXUALITY?

For example, there is a range of ways that individuals experience belonging to more than one group and therefore having multiple group identifications and allegiances (Collins, 2004; Dworkin, 2002; Fukuyama & Ferguson, 2000; Rust, 1996b). While some bisexual men may see their membership in multiple groups as a source of strength and pride, others may experience this as a source of conflict and pain. They may feel caught in another either/or situation and significant difficulty coming to terms with the demands that they may feel from either or both groups to make their primary allegiance to and identification with that group.

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