African Americans During Reconstruction (Slavery in the by Richard Worth

By Richard Worth

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Set an example the other states will follow. Former slaves are shown on their way to Kansas in this photograph from the 1870s. They are fleeing from the Black Codes and sharecrop labor of the post–Civil War South. : 40 · African Americans during Reconstruction However, Mississippi and Liberia the other Southern states ignored President Johnson. In ne way for African each state only white voters Americans to deal with elected representatives to the racial prejudice was to leave the United States.

Crowds of whites and blacks began to gather, and a riot erupted. Over the next three days, white mobs led by the police attacked many blacks. haddeus Stevens said that According to a report by the “every man, no matter Freedmen’s Bureau, the whites what his race or color; every were inflamed when a city earthly being who has an official, John C. Creighton, immortal soul, has an equal “in a speech which received right to justice, honesty, and three hearty cheers from the fair play with every other man; crowd there assembled .

However, it mentioned nothing about voting rights. Republicans wanted Southern states to agree to support the amendment before they could be readmitted to the Union. Meanwhile, violence broke out in the South. On May 1, 1866, a conflict began between whites and blacks in Memphis, Tennessee. This was President Johnson’s home state. The conflict started after a collision between a white carriage driver and a black driver. Police blamed the black driver. Crowds of whites and blacks began to gather, and a riot erupted.

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