Alphanetics by Owen Skousen

By Owen Skousen

A five cassette path for deveoping quick analyzing. additionally comprises guide.

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You will learn to move faster and without fixation. When you begin your practice, think how you move your eyes over a landscape scene, like the Grand Canyon. and grandeur in general. Don’t stop to examine any one part of the view, just move your eyes smoothly across the scene. Move your eyes across the page looking at the print in the same manner. Do not look at any one word more than another. Move all the way across the page, smoothly. Understanding what you are looking at will begin to come to you.

It will not be learned at all, IF YOU DO NOT PRACTICE. It may not be difficult for you to learn, IF YOU DO PRACTICE. You must learn to look at the print on the page correctly. Forget about understanding the text and concentrate on eye movement. If you don’t do these things, you are just going to become a better skimmer, not a better reader. The better you learn to see the print, the better your understanding will be. Movement first. Seeing second. Understanding third. -26- EYE MOVEMENT Always remember that you are taking one small step at a time to reach your reading goal.

His visualization is so vivid that the subconscious does not know the difference between imagined and actual. If, in his mind, he has already gone over the bar, the center that controls his “habitual” actions has a much easier time doing it the second time. Use the power of visualization in all you attempt to do and learn. Another very important fact to always keep in mind is that if you clearly and vividly imagine something, your subconscious does not know the difference between imagination and reality, and the experience is just as strongly impressed upon the mind as if it had actually happened.

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