America's Best Places to Run : Scenic | Historic | Amazing by Galloway, Brennan; Galloway, Jeff

By Galloway, Brennan; Galloway, Jeff

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There’s a wonderful sense of freedom when running the segment on the hard packed and wide beach. You’ll weave through fun beach neighborhoods and the beautiful marshlands of the intercoastal waterway. 14 12:17 Part II | Scenic Races Mayo Clinic campus, which is appropriate. Most of the proceeds go to breast cancer research at this stellar organization.

You will run faster without working harder. What a deal! 2 Saving Strength for the End of Trail Runs By doing regular hill training, you will not be as challenged during trail hills or as fatigued at the end. This will reduce the chance of wobble injuries which occur when a fatigued foot or leg assumes a sloppy range of motion. Once you train yourself to run with efficient hill form, you’ll gain more confidence when you encounter hills during a race and build strength to handle any hill. Hill training allows you to cruise up a hill without the degree of huffing and puffing that you used to experience.

Take strategic walk breaks if you feel the need. •• Constantly watch for trail surface irregularities and adjust. Hill Training for Strength and Race Preparation Even if your next trail race is on relatively flat terrain, you will encounter a hill at some point. Hill training is the best leg strengthening exercise for any type of running. By doing a regular series of hill workouts you can develop the foot and leg adaptations needed for running various types of hills. With the added strength from hill training, you can adjust to an efficient stride, run more efficiently, and reduce wear and tear on the muscles at the end of all runs.

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