Amyloid Precursor Protein: A Practical Approach by Weiming Xia, Huaxi Xu

By Weiming Xia, Huaxi Xu

Within the look for an efficient therapy for Alzheimer's ailment, APP is a distinct version protein that illustrates the big choice of simple and complex characterization innovations to be had. Exploring quite a few organic concepts to explain the constitution and serve as of this transmembrane protein, this article offers each one technique with designated, step by step protocols to accomplish reproducible effects and supply a framework for learning different membrane proteins.

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To stop the reaction, spin the beads at 3000 g for 5 min. 0) per tube. 2 M ethanolamine, then incubate in 10 ml ethanolamine for 2 hr at room temperature with rocking. 7. Centrifuge and transfer each pellet to a 2-ml Eppendorf tube. 8. 0; mix and then spin at 10,000 g for 30 sec. 0; mix and spin. Expose beads to glycine buffer for as short a time as possible. 9. 01% thimerosal for each tube. Remove 100 µl of supernatant to check later (C). To check the efficiency of conjugation, the amount of remaining IgG can be detected in the supernatant (A, B, and C) by Western blot.

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