Anatomy live : performance and the operating theatre by Maaike Bleeker

By Maaike Bleeker

Gross anatomy, the learn of anatomical buildings that may be obvious by means of unassisted imaginative and prescient, has lengthy been a topic of fascination for artists. for many sleek audience, despite the fact that, the anatomy lesson—the technically specified province of scientific surgeons and scientific faculties—hardly turns out the correct breeding flooring for the hybrid workings of artwork and conception. We put out of your mind that, in its early phases, anatomy pursued the hugely theatrical spirit of Renaissance technological know-how, as painters akin to Rembrandt and Da Vinci and clinical teachers like Fabricius of Aquapendente shared audiences dedicated to the workings of the human physique. Anatomy Live: Performance and the working Theatre, a impressive attention of latest advancements at the degree, in addition to in modern writings of theorists comparable to Donna Haraway and Brian Massumi, turns our smooth notions of the dissecting desk on its head—using anatomical theatre as a method of acquiring a clean viewpoint on representations of the physique, conceptions of subjectivity, and personal wisdom approximately technology and the degree. severely dissecting famous exhibitions like Body Worlds and The obvious Human Project and that includes contributions from a few assorted students on such topics because the building of spectatorship and the consequences of anatomical heritage, Anatomy Live isn't really to be ignored via an individual with an curiosity during this enticing intersection of technology and inventive practice.

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Nevertheless, this does not mean that working with the VHP’s data sets constitutes a lesser or less valuable preparatory tool for future doctors. On the contrary, getting acquainted with human anatomy through digital cross-sections perfectly fits everyday practice in contemporary medicine, which already relies heavily on looking at scanned cross-sections of patients’ bodies. The particular significance of the Visible Human for medical education, then, may be less in the digitization of human cadavers than in the digitization of medicine as a whole.

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Gov/research/visible/visible_human. html. The Visible Human data sets are now available on CD-ROM: The Complete Visible Human: The Complete high-Resolution Male and Female Anatomical Databases from the Visible Human Project. New York, 1999. It encompasses more than 7000 cross-sections and is produced for educational use. As Michael Ackerman claims in ‘The Visible Human Project ’: ‘It is hoped that this Website will serve as the prototype for revolutionary educational applications based on both the core VHP data sets and additional human imagery sources to be added later.

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