Ancient Medicine: Selected Papers of Ludwig Edelstein by Ludwig Edelstein

By Ludwig Edelstein

A vintage research of drugs in antiquity, old drugs brings jointly a lot of Ludwig Edelstein's most crucial paintings on an issue that occupied him all through a distinct occupation. integrated is his widely recognized translation of and statement at the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to his different writings at the oath which display how unusual it really is of Greek scientific proposal. The ebook additionally explores the impression of empiricism and skepticism on Greek and Roman drugs, the perform of anatomy and dietetics in antiquity, and the relation of old medication to historic philosophy.

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30. The methods outli ned in the Platonic Timaeus, a Pythagorea n dialogue if there is any, are identka l . Plato uses a lmost the sarne word s : o•à ,.. "'º"'Y"''Y•i11 o•i 01aLra1s . . (89 e) ; Littré, op. , I V, p. 62 2 , a lso referred to this pa ssage in expla na tion of the H ippocra tic 0Laira1 ; cf. Kõrner, op. , p. 1 1 . 10 C f. p. 475, 25-33 [ Diels-Kra nz] ; 01à o>! a! v rpo-IJ11 . , ... a! ÀT/T•Ó11 (from Aris­ toxenu s) . 7 1 C f. above, p p . 23 f. 'I'! ai i'll'l6 vµLa• ; cf. above , p.

1, 16, p. 462, n. 2. Cf. especially p. 476, 4 ( Diels-Kranz] : iin>.. S TE rripà. 11 Ili TWll ICr&Tà. uà. Wll Tils wl TEICllO'FOLlq. Éllr&S. I t is sometimes claimed that Aristoxenus' report is reminiscent of Platonic ethics , cf. E. Rohde, Kleíne Schriften, I I , 1 90 1 , p. 1 62. Yet in regard to the matter under dis- 19 PART ONE more than future members of a community or citizens of a state. 47 With such convictions how could the Pythagoreans ever allow abortive remedies to be applied ? 48 It stands to reason , then, that the Hi ppocratic Oath , in its abortion­ clause no less than in its prohibition of suicide, echoes Pythagorean doc­ trines.

J. Burnet, E. R. E. , s. v. Pythago­ ras and Pythagoreanism, X, 526 a-b , holds that Philolaus' view as represented by Plato is different from Orphic beliefs and characterizes as Pythagorean the "higher side" of this teaching, that is, its moral implications. But cf. also 1. M . Linforth, The A rts of Orpheus, 1941 , esp. pp. 168 ff. At any rate, one cannot claim on the basis of the words lv á:rol'fY9Ton which Plato uses that the reiection of suicide is Orphic rather than Pythagorean (con trary to S.

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