Answers Book for Teens by Bodie Hodge

By Bodie Hodge

Theres no mistake...God is looking for you. associates, lecturers, and the area regularly will let you know that Christianity and religion is a lie. Atheism and japanese religions are extra trendy. The tradition tells you to appear and act definite methods or humans will imagine you re a loser or bizarre. in case you say you suspect in God, you could anticipate humans to be on your face, doing their top to rip down God, the Bible, and your trust in Christ. by means of now, you'll also have a few doubts - every thing turns out loopy and unnecessary, how will you think God relatively does care approximately what's going with you? Or if God is accountable for this chaos known as existence? You aren t the one one with questions! locate nice solutions to renowned religion questions and detect why the area is any such mess, why you could think in Christ, and why God desires a dating with you!

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Indd 40 6/11/12 1:51 PM Isn't natural selection just a form of evolution? Remember, we said evolution is a slippery word with more than one definition. ” So while simple organisms do not evolve into more complex ones, the characteristics of a kind of living thing can vary. ) Through the process of natural selection, this happens. After the world was devastated by the global Flood and the environment began to stabilize, there were many habitats to be filled. The animals that survived the Flood on Noah’s ark multiplied and spread over the world.

Slaves under Mosaic Law were different from the harshly treated slaves of other societies; they were more like servants or bondservants. Today, people still hire maids and butlers and this is fairly similar. 2. The Bible doesn’t give an endorsement of slave traders but the opposite (1 Timothy 1:10). A slave/bondservant was acquired when a person voluntarily entered into it when he needed to pay off his debts. 3. The Bible recognizes that slavery is a reality in this sin-cursed world and doesn’t ignore it, but instead gives regulations for good treatment by both masters and servants and reveals that they are equal under Christ.

What Are Mutations? Mutations are changes in genes. Mutations — the spontaneous changes that occur by accident in the genes of living things — sometimes cause altered characteristics that can make the organism more or less fit to survive. Evolutionists believe that if enough mutations happen for long enough, new and more complicated organisms evolve. Mutations are like mistakes. So evolutionists believe enough mistakes for long enough can add up to the information to make new kinds of organisms.

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