Aslan (Traveller Alien Module 1) by J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

By J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

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All are possible specific weapons which can be chosen using Personal Weapons skill. Fierah (no strict human equivalent; often translated as thong) (100 grams; Cr10; TL 1): A strip of flexible material (originally hide, now frequently plastic) approximately 1500mm in length. It is frequently worn like a sash or belt. Weight is negligible. The fierah can be used in a variety of ways: looped, it can be used to snare or throttle an opponent; it can also be used as a sling, or the loose strands at each end can be tied around weights to form an improvised flail or bolo (taking two rounds, during which time the character is evading).

Whenever any Aslan (male or female) elects the personal development table during character generation (or the army life table in Mercenary, the navy life table in High Guard, or the scout life table in Scouts), Tolerance skill may be taken instead. During character generation, Aslan will initially refuse to learn any skill which is inappropriate to his or her gender. Consult the Aslan skills charts: if the character rolls a skill which is considered inappropriate (male skills for females; female skills for males) then the character may roll again.

The eakhyasear may be fitted with a sling, folding stock, and telescopic sights. Eakhyasears are available in a variety of qualities, with custom engraving, swirl grain wood stocks, precious metal plating, and special attention to craftsmanship and quality; building on the base price, such features may cost from up to 1000% additional. Noble males especially consider it beneath their dignity to carry an ordinary quality eakhyasear and will select a more ornate model. These special features do not affect accuracy or reliability.

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