Astrophysik IV: Sternsysteme / Astrophysics IV: Stellar by Frank K. Edmondson (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

By Frank K. Edmondson (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

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T. 7) 1 B. LINDBLAD: Ark. , Astronom. , Ser. B 19, No. 15 (1926). = Upsala Medd. No. 14. 2 H. PETERSSON: The distribution of distances and velocities of stars in the Carrington zone on the basis of spectrophotometric analysis. -Diss. 1926. = Upsala Medd. No. 29. 48 BERTIL LINDBLAD: Galactic Dynamics. Sect. 15. OORT computes x on various assumptions concerning the shape and mass of the galactic system as a whole. 3 X 10-24 g/cm3• It may be remarked here that the factor x may be found directly from OORT'S constants A and B for circular motions in the neighbourhood of the Sun.

6. 8 V LD n e-plane. / L2 / I if. Deviations from a stationary state studied. Sect. 13. 43 deformation which render the spheroidal equilibrium form "ordinarily" unstable at a certain flattening (sectorial harmonic waves) will exist also in the case of "quasi-spheroidal" stellar systems of nearly uniform angular speed. The internal density variations, however, are probably of greater importance in an actual system like our Galaxy. The difficulty is that, considering conditions in a small region of the system, we have no immediate equation of state between density and pressure, which in our case we may define as t e(U2 + V 2+ W2), using the notations of Eq.

H. JOY: ~It. Wilson Contr. No. 163 = Astrophys. Journ. 49, 179 (1919). 3 G. STROMBERG: Mt. 'Wilson Contr. ::S-o. 275 and No. 292 = Astrophys. Journ. 59, 228 (1924); 61, 363 (1925). 4 J. H. OORT: Pub!. Astronom. Lab. Groningen 1926, No. 40. 5 K. LUNDMARK: K. Svenska Yetenskaps. Hand!. 8 (1920). Pub!. Astronom. Soc. Pacific 35, 318 (1923). - Monthly Notices Roy. Astronom. Soc. London 84, 747 (1924). 6 B. LINDBLAD: Ark. , Astronom. , Ser. 3 (1925); A 19, No. 27 (1926); A 19, No. 7 (1926). = Upsala Medd.

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