Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims by Mr. Robert Sheaffer

By Mr. Robert Sheaffer

What explains the human fascination with UFOs? the 1st suggested sighting of what was once then referred to as "flying saucers" was once by means of inner most pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947. inside a couple of weeks, a complete "wave" of saucer sightings swept around the united states, and shortly the world over. And inside of many years this had accelerated to offer us alien craft crashes, the lads In Black, flying saucers bases, army and intelligence business enterprise conspiracies, NASA conspiracies, alien abductions, crop circles, alien autopsies, alien-human hybrids, livestock mutilations, and the record simply maintains to develop.

Do the "saucers" (later renamed "UFOs") characterize viewers from another planet, or most likely even whatever more strange? How have they kept away from unambiguous detection for approximately seventy years? is that this as the equipment of technological know-how can't trap them? Or do experiences of UFOs have a lot in universal with studies of ghosts, witches, Bigfoot, and different creatures which are largely mentioned and extensively believed, yet exist merely within the imaginations of these who pursue them?

Bad UFOs discusses the most well-known and debatable flying saucers circumstances of all time, from a rational and clinical viewpoint:

· the Betty and Barney Hill ‘UFO abduction’ account
· the Phoenix lighting
· the Roswell ‘UFO crash,’ and the new ‘Roswell Slides’
· the intended ‘UFO touchdown’ in Rendlesham wooded area
· Travis Walton’s ‘UFO abduction’ declare
· UFOs visible utilizing evening imaginative and prescient apparatus
· Steven Greer’s Disclosure venture, and ET touch Protocols

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Carrion concluded, “That in a nutshell is the sad state of Ufology today, humans deceiving humans. ” But organizations like MUFON cannot survive on a fare of UFOlogical caution and caveats. Its members want validation of their passionate belief that extraterrestrials or other exotic beings are visiting us. If they don't get what they want, they'll leave. In the late 1980s and 1990s, MUFON publicly booted out a number of its most prominent investigators for the sin of being too skeptical about one UFO case or another that Andrus was determined to defend, most notably Ed Walters’ absurdly unconvincing hoax UFO photos from Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Since most sources discussed in this book can easily be found on-line, we will rely on powerful existing search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. to provide the references for us. com website seem to become outdated almost as soon as I revise them, I have decided not to try to provide exact URLs for most of the references cited in this book. Instead, I have placed some appropriate search terms in boldface type. The reader curious to learn more about the matters discussed here is encouraged to use his or her favorite search engine, with the recommended search terms where given.

However, the only video in existence of the first incident, is that of Terry Proctor, and in its 43-second length clearly shows the motion of the objects with respect to each other. In other words, despite some observers’ impressions, what flew over was not a single solid object, but five unconnected lights flying in formation. As the lights passed over the Phoenix area they were seen by hundreds of people. The investigative reporter Tony Ortega wrote in The Great UFO Cover-Up in the Phoenix New Times (June 26, 1997) that one important observer’s account had been ignored by almost everyone: Scottsdale amateur astronomer Mitch Stanley, then 21, who was outside observing with his ten-inch reflecting telescope.

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