Barbarians and Civilization in International Relations by Mark B. Salter

By Mark B. Salter

The terrorist assaults in big apple and Washington have resulted in renowned conceptions of Muslims as terrorists. a few commentators have harked again to the 'Clash of Civilizations' argument defined through Samuel Huntington which has turn into a touchstone in postcolonial stories. Huntington argued that, after the cave in of the chilly warfare, tradition could develop into the most axis of clash for civilizational alliances. Mark Salter takes factor with Huntington's thought and explains how the phrases of his argument are a part of an imperialist discourse that casts different civilizations as primarily barbarian.Although many commentators have engaged with Huntington's claims, few have pursued the political implications of his argument. Barbarians and Civilisation deals a decisive exploration of the colonial rhetoric inherent in present political discourse. Charting the usefulness of ideas of tradition and identification for figuring out international politics, Salter brilliantly illustrates the advantages and the constraints of the civilized/barbarian dichotomy in diplomacy.

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The important point is how the national British, French and American cultures maintained hegemony over the peripheries. 22 Edward Said’s perspective on imperialism shifts our focus away from elite and Marxist perceptions of the economic expansion of proto-multinational corporations or the power balancing among the Great Powers, and towards popular support of imperial ideologies. 24 The ‘popular international imaginary’ shaped national responses to international stimuli. 25 The specific representation of the ‘Other’ as barbaric has specific political effects in the nineteenth century, which lay bare the knowledge/power dynamics of imperialism.

It was Bentham’s brother who first discovered a panoptic institution in the Ottoman Empire. 81 Further, panoptic institutions were most often constructed in the colonies. Colonial power used this economy of power through lines of sight and the ordering of space to make the natives police themselves. Qxd 26/7/02 44 1:29 pm Page 44 Barbarians and Civilization in International Relations modes of dealing with the poor, the insane, the perverse and the criminal to the colonial races. The strangeness of the Orient was refracted through this prism of perspective and order.

85 The streets are unpaved, and most of them are narrow and irregular . . 86 The numerous villages on both banks . . Qxd 26/7/02 1:29 pm Page 45 Empire of Barbarians 45 very pretty appearance; and the minarets of the mosques, with which they all abound, improve the prospect, from their light and airy structure. 87 Each detail reaches out to grip you; it pinches you; and the more you concentrate on it the less you grasp the whole. Then gradually all this becomes harmonious and the pieces fall into place themselves, in accordance with the laws of perspective.

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