Biological Role of Plant Lipids by Ch. Demandre, Hana Serghini-Caíd, Anne-Marie Justin, P.

By Ch. Demandre, Hana Serghini-Caíd, Anne-Marie Justin, P. Mazliak (auth.), Péter A. Biacs, Katalin Gruiz, Tibor Kremmer (eds.)

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Effect of including oleoyl-CoA and Co-A in the standard assay, on the activity of the castor bean neutral lipase. Experiment nmol oleic acid assay -1 Control 71 ( 1 00 I ) 2 mM CoA 70 ( 99 I ) 120 ~M oleoyl-CoA 45 65 I ) 2 mM CoA 8 12 I ) + 120 ~M oleoyl-CoA Fig. 1. Effect of oleoyl-CoA conccentration on the release of oleic acid ( ), diolein and monoolein ( ) 15 7;- from triolein hy castor bean lipid 9c: body neutral lipase in the presence of 2 mM Coenzyme A. 60 I 10 . 'i -0 u ;! ) 120 relatively unaffected.

In this connection it is of interest that biosynthesis of an analogue of DCS (capnine, 1-deoxy-15-methylhexadecasphinganine-l- 18 sulfonic acid) in the gliding bacterium Cytophaga johnsonae has been sho~m to involve cysteate preferentially to cystine or sulfate as precursor for the capnine sulfur atom and to cystine or serine for capnine carbons 1 and 2 [13]. The path~lay for DCS biosynthesis in diatoms thus appears to be different from that of capnine in eytophaga. J229. ). The authors are grateful to Dr.

O. J. (1978) Amino acid recycling in relation to protein turnover. Plant Physiol. §l, 54-58. 4. Gerbling, H. and Gerhardt, B. (1988) Oxidative decarboxylation of branched-chain 2-oxo fatty acids by higher plant peroxisomes. Plant Physiol. (in press). 5. Giovanelli, J. K. (1962) Fat metabolism in higher plants. X. Modified B-oxidation of propionate by peanut mitochondria. J. Biol. Chern. ~, 411-426. 6. D. K. (1962) Fat metabolism in hiher plants. XVIII. Propionate metabolism by plant tissues. Arch.

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