Black Out by Andreas Eschbach

By Andreas Eschbach

This is often the 1st a part of a close to destiny dystopian mystery trilogy approximately sleek mind technology, media regulate, terrorism and the tip of humanity as a result of anything known as "coherence" -- a know-how established community of human brains, attached through a chip-implant. Spiced - which will stand - with a section romance, too.

Language: German

Christopher ist auf der Flucht. Gemeinsam mit der gleichaltrigen Serenity
ist er unterwegs in der Wüste Nevadas. Irgendwo dort draußen muss Serenitys
Vater leben, der Visionär und Vordenker Jeremiah Jones, der sämtlicher
Technik abgeschworen hat, nachdem er erkennen musste, welche Gefahren die
weltweite Vernetzung mit sich bringen kann. Doch eine Flucht vor der Technik
– ist das heute überhaupt möglich? Serenity ahnt bald, auf was once und vor allem
auf wen sie sich eingelassen hat. Denn der schwer durchschaubare Christopher
ist nicht irgendjemand. Christopher hat einst den berühmtesten Hack der
Geschichte getätigt. Und nun ist er im Besitz eines Geheimnisses, das
dramatischer nicht sein könnte: Die Tage der Menschheit, wie wir sie kennen,
sind gezählt.

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When he entered Les Bertaux his horse took fright, and shied violently. It was a prosperous-looking farm. Through the open half-doors of the stables you could see huge draught horses placidly feeding from brand-new mangers. A stream of vapour arose from the big manureheap that flanked the buildings, and, standing out among the hens and turkeys, five or six peacocks––that luxury of Pays de Caux farmyards––were pecking for food. The sheep-run was long and the barn tall, with walls as smooth as the back of your hand.

Père Rouault embraced his future son-in-law. They put off any discussion of money matters, there was plenty of time for that, since the marriage could not decently take place before the end of Charles’s mourning, that is to say, not until the following spring. The winter passed in waiting. Mademoiselle Rouault busied herself with her trousseau. Part of it was ordered from Rouen, and she made herself nightgowns and nightcaps with the help of fashionplates which she borrowed. During the visits Charles made to the Madame Bovary  farm they talked about the preparations for the wedding, wondering which room they’d use for the wedding feast, how many courses they’d have, and what particular dishes they’d serve.

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