Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Tools by Alan Bundy, Lincoln Wallen (auth.), Alan Bundy, Lincoln

By Alan Bundy, Lincoln Wallen (auth.), Alan Bundy, Lincoln Wallen (eds.)

The goal of this catalogue is to advertise interplay among participants of the AI' group. it is going to do that through asserting the lifestyles of Ai ideas and conveyable software program. and appearing as a pOinter into the literature. therefore the AI neighborhood wili have entry to a typical. extensional definition of the sphere. with the intention to: advertise a typical terminology. discourage the reinvention of wheels. and act as a clearing condo for concepts and software program. The cataiogue is a reference paintings delivering a short advisor to the AI instruments to be had for various jobs. it's not meant to be a textbook just like the man made Intelligence instruction manual. It. deliberately. purely presents a short description of every instrument. without prolonged dialogue of the historic starting place of the software or the way it has been utilized in specific AI courses, the point of interest is on recommendations abstracted from their ancient origins. the unique model of undefined. used to be swiftly inbuilt 1983 as a part of the united kingdom SERC-Dol. IKBS. structure research [lKBS structure research 831. it has now been followed by way of the SERC in particular Promoted Programme in IKBS and is stored as an on­ line record present process consistent revision and refinement and released as a paperback through Springer Verlag.

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University of Rochester. 1980. (Tllove 80b) Tllove. R. T. Set Membership Classification: A Unified Approach to Geometric Intersection Problems. IEEE Trans. on Computers C-29( 10). 1980. 41 . CONTEXT-FREE GRAMMAR A context-free grammar Is a collection of context-free phrase structure rules. Each such rule names a constituent type and specifies a possible expansion thereof. The standard notation Is: Ihs -) rhs, ... I names the constituent. :l~ the expansion. Such rules are context-free rules because the expansion Is unconditional - the environment of the constituent to be expanded I~ Irrelevant.

Of Computing Science. Aberdeen. 1970. (Todd 76] 51. University of Todd. S. J. P. The Peterlee Relational Test Vehicle. IBM Systems Journal 15: 304. 1976. DEMON Alias: antecedent theorem. If-added method. A portion of a program which is not invoked explicitly. but which lies dormant waiting for some condltion(s) to occur. For example. a knowledge manipulation program might implement Inference rules as demons. Whenever a new piece of knowledge was added. various demons would activate (which demons depends on the particular piece of data) and would create additional pieces of knowledge.

Selective Backtracking. In Clark. K. L. and Tarnlund. S. -A. Academic Press. 1982. APIC Studies in Data Processing. (editor). Logic programming. [Stallman and Sussman 77J Stallman. R. M. and Sussman. G. J. Forward reasoning and dependency-directed backtracking In a system for computer-aided clcuit analysis. Artfffcial Intelligence 9: 135-196. 1977. 54. DEPTH-FIRST PARSING Amounts to a depth-first search <55) of the tree of alternatives which arise in the parsing process. Clearest in the context of top-down <248> parsing of a context-free grammar (41).

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