Children’s Surgery : A Worldwide History by John G. Raffensperger M.D.

By John G. Raffensperger M.D.

The heritage of drugs and surgical procedure is easily documented, yet this quantity bargains the 1st particular exploration of the remedy of and attitudes in the direction of teenagers with accidents and delivery defects in the course of the a while. renowned proposal holds that youngsters in precedent days with delivery defects confronted a brief lifetime of abandonment or forget. exam of written documents from historic Egypt, India, Greece, and Islam, in spite of the fact that, indicates that physicians and surgeons have tried to discover treatments to treatment in poor health youths from the start of recorded scientific historical past. those essays record the origins of kid's surgical procedure, chronicle the historical past of kid's surgical procedure into sleek occasions, and discover the therapy of the most typical visceral beginning defects. With contributing authors supplying views from quite a few cultures, this outstanding assortment will curiosity not just doctors, but in addition historians and others within the baby care field.

John G. Raffensperger, M.D., a retired pediatric general practitioner, is the writer of diverse books on pediatric surgical procedure.

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