The Cold War: Superpower Relations, 1945-1989 by Josh Brooman

By Josh Brooman

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It grew after North Vietnamese naval boats fired on an American warship, 'USS Maddox', in the Gulf of Tonkin. In retaliation, President Johnson ordered the US Air Force to bomb targets in North Vietnam . S oon after, C ongress p assed the Tonkin Resolution, giving Johnson the power to take any action he thought necessary to halt further aggres­ sion. Johnson used this power to send combat forces to South Vietnam in March 1 9 6 5 . Soon after, giant B - 5 2 planes b egan regular bombing raids on the North in 'Operation Rolling Thunder' .

What benefits resulted from the collapse of Communism? 2. What disadvantages resulted from the collapse of Communism? 3 . Explain which you think were greater: the benefits or the disadvantages . 47 Revision guide Read this summary of the Cold War. Then test your understanding of this book by answering the questions which follow. 'The Cold War was a unique combination. It was a global confrontation between two superpowers and it was a war of ideologies . It was made all the more dangerous - but was also kept in check - by the looming presence of nuclear weapons .

The East-West German border thus became part of the Iron Curtain which divided Europe . But there w a s still o n e gap in the Iron Curtain: Berlin. East Germans could still leave their country by crossing from the Soviet-occupied sector into one of the western sectors . From there they could travel by plane to West Germany. By 1 9 6 1 around three million people had done this. That was about a sixth of the entire population. The East Germans and the S oviet Union could The border between East and West Berlin was closed so suddenly and the wall built so quickly that thousands of people were cut off from friends and relations.

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