Colonialism by Norrie MacQueen

By Norrie MacQueen

A full of life, available examine how the colonial guidelines and practices of some eu international locations within the nineteenth century have had this type of profound impression at the 21st.A compact obtainable advisor to the intricacies of colonialism within the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and its influence at the future.Provides a clean interpretation of debatable events.engages with an open brain the argument that colonialism speeded up modernization and development.Includes an engaging dialogue of the connection among today’s “humanitarian intervention” as apposed to the conventional colonialist ides of “the civilizing mission”.

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At the At the beginning of the eighteenth century Britain benefited from a combination of growing naval power and a vibrant domestic economy, the two fundamental requirements for the development of a successful seaborne empire. beginning of the eighteenth century Britain benefited from a combination of growing naval power and a vibrant domestic economy, the two fundamental requirements for the development of a successful seaborne empire. Britain’s rise among the European colonial powers was not quite as meteoric as that of the Netherlands at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

East Timor eventually became an independent state in 2002 under United Nations sponsorship following a violent separation from Indonesia. These were peculiarities, however, exceptions to the larger disintegration in the seventeenth century. The effect of the loss of the Asian empire was to shift Lisbon’s imperial attention to the Second Empire in Brazil. Here once again the fortunes of the two Iberian colonial empires merged. Brazil declared its own independence amidst the more general collapse of Spanish rule in the continent-wide convulsion of settler-led nationalism in the first decades of the nineteenth century.

Beyond Schumpeter’s specific theory, the argument that European governments were driven against their better judgement into pursuing colonial policies is a common one. Hobson and Lenin in their different ways saw governments (or ‘the state’) as willing accomplices of self-seeking capitalism. To Hobson this was misguided policy, while for Lenin it was merely inevitable because it was the central purpose of the state under capitalism to pursue the interest of capitalism. QXP 21/5/07 11:50 Page 37 ··· THE ‘NEW IMPERIALISM’ ··· another image of state complicity – that of the harassed policy maker manoeuvred into colonial adventures by facts created on the ground by others.

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