Computed Tomography for Radiographers by M.J. Brooker

By M.J. Brooker

The aim of this e-book is to offer the reader a simple Computed Tomography for Radiographers is split into advent to computed tomography. it's also directed sections. half 1 is devoted to the technical features of in the direction of qualifying radiographers and to all certified in keeping with­ computed tomography and half 2 to the medical elements. sonnel who're linked to computed tomography. Computed tomography can be often called: Computed tomography is a fancy expertise, however it has Computed axial tomography (CAT) been my objective to maintain the textual content concise utilizing diagrams and Computed aided tomography (CAT) pictures anywhere attainable. a quick evaluate of X-ray tubes and Computed transvt~rse axial tomography (CTAT) common physics has been given, even though the math of Computed transmission tomography (CTT) snapshot reconstruction has been passed over. If required, Reconstruction tomography (RT) committed works at the above matters might be talked about by means of Selective computed assisted tomography (SCAT) the reader. This e-book concentrates at the program of the Transmission axial tomography (TAT) above to computed tomography.

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These can usually be related to the following: (1) X-ray tube, (2) Detectors, or (3) Operator errors. 3 Severe image degradation on a second generation system due to extreme anode wear. 3) If the quality or quantity of photons emerging from the tube varies the image quality will also vary, and a major cause of such a change is the ageing of the tube. In addition, physical damage to the rotor bearings, the glass insert, the anode surface or filament will all result in image degradation. The X- ray tubes are placed under a considerable workload within CT and hence are a weak link within the system.

Warm dressing gowns and blankets must be available. It is a good idea to change patients before an oral contrast medium is given in case they vomit, in this way a hospital gown is soiled and not the patient's clothes. More personal items such as false teeth, hearing aids and wigs must be removed prior to head scanning, but this may be done in the privacy of the gantry room. It is therefore essential to have a sink and a mirror in the gantry room. It is also important that the gantry room is warm but not 'stuffy' for the patient.

Good liaison must take place between the above groups of people when considering the following: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Acute neurological, Acute general, Radiotherapy, and General medical/surgery. ________ I ___________ Criteria for Purchasing a Scanner Location of the new department, Type of scanner to be purchased, Type of work to be carried out by the department, Design of the new department, and Staffing levels of the new department. F1NANCIAL Initial capital cost of scanner Service contract on the scanner Maintenance of scanning suite Cost of staffing Cost of consumabIes In many aspects some of the above categories overlap and this will be included in the following discussion.

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