Confidence by Henry James

By Henry James


Confidence, one in all Henry James’s early and lesser-known novels, is the fascinating tale of a couple of yank expatriates—an artist and a scientist—traveling during the nice towns of Europe.

Romantic problems occur while the 2 previous neighbors stumble upon very diverse girls on their travels, proposals and rejections persist with, yet all ends fortunately for everybody.

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Of the Tupi, he says, having shifted from beauty to barbarism: “Then for the time there was no more speech or understanding with them, because their barbarity was so great that no one could either be understood or heard. ”44 When the Portuguese filled up their kegs with water, the Tupi “made signs for us to return. ”46 The intentions of the Portuguese and the assumptions that the Tupi would want the clothing and these articles for washing are here called into question, and it is only the insistence of someone with Dias’s prestige and authority that would convince the convict to try again.

The relation between the king of Portugal and this new land also features as part of the account. 52 After this decision, which the majority approved, another had to be made. 53 Instead of kidnapping or taking Native hostages, Cabral and his compatriots decide something different. Cabral asked further whether it would be well to take here by force two of these men to send to Your Highness and to leave here in their place two convicts. In this matter they agreed that it was not necessary to take men by force, since it was the general custom that those taken away by force to another place said that everything about which they are asked was there; and that these two convicts whom we should leave would give better and far better information about the land than would be given by those carried away by us, because they are people whom no one understands nor would they learn [Portuguese] quickly enough to be able to tell it as well as those others when Your Highness sends here, and that consequently we should not attempt to take any one away from here by force nor cause any scandal, but in order to tame and pacify them all the more, Portugal and After 25 we should simply leave here the two convicts when we departed.

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