Cracking the AP physics B exam by Princeton Review

By Princeton Review

Vectors -- Kinematics -- Newton's legislation -- paintings, power, and gear -- Linear momentum -- Uniform round movement & Newton's legislations of Gravitation -- Oscillations -- Fluid mechanics -- Thermal physics -- electrical forces and fields -- electrical capability and capacitance -- direct present circuits -- Magnetic forces and fields -- Electromagnetic induction -- Waves -- Optics -- Atomic and nuclear physics

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14 Using the graph below, what is the instantaneous velocity at 10 seconds? Solution. Draw a tangent line. Find the slope of the tangent by picking any two points on the tangent line. 7, 983) Let’s look at three handy shortcuts for objects that start from rest and have a constant acceleration: vave = vinstantaneous at the midpoint in time. For example, notice the average velocity from 0 to 20 seconds and the instantaneous velocity at 10 seconds (the midpoint of 20 seconds time) were both 100 m/s.

POSITION Any object exists in some location somewhere in the universe. We call that location the object’s position, but the position is meaningless without some reference point. We can arbitrarily choose one location and call it the origin. Many times it makes sense to let the object in question start at the origin, but this is not required and the laws of physics work no matter where you place the origin or whether you choose to make the up-direction positive and down-direction negative or vice versa.

Then, you must acquire practice at applying what you’ve learned to answering questions like you’ll see on the exam. This book is designed to review all of the content areas covered on the exam, illustrated by hundreds of examples. Also, each chapter (except the first) is followed by practice multiple-choice and free-response questions, and perhaps even more important, answers and explanations are provided for every example and question in this book. You’ll learn as much—if not more—from actively reading the solutions as you will from reading the text and examples.

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