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Incomplete dominance is when the F1 generation results in an appearance somewhere between the two parents. For example, red flowers (RR) are crossed with white flowers (rr), resulting in an F1 generation with pink flowers (Rr) as well as red flowers (RR) and white flowers (rr). The red and white traits are still carried by the F1 generation, resulting in an F2 generation with a phenotypic ratio of 1:2:1, or 1 red:;2 pink:1white. In this situation, the genotype and phenotype are the same. In codominance, the genes may form new phenotypes.

Mucous membranes form a protective barrier around the digestive, respiratory, and genitourinary tracts. In addition, the pH of the skin and mucous membranes inhibit the growth of many microbes. Mucous secretions (tears and saliva) wash away many microbes and contain lysozyme that kills many microbes. The lungs can expel pathogens by ciliary action working with the sneeze mechanism as well as by coughing. Most systems of the body have an acidic pH which prevents growth of bacteria. The second line of defense includes white blood cells and the inflammatory response.

When lactose is absent, the repressor is active and the operon is turned off. The operon is turned on again when allolactose (formed from lactose) inactivates the repressor by binding to it. c. Describe how alleles that are lethal in a homozygous individual may be carried in a heterozygote and thus maintained in a gene pool Because of the existence of dominant and recessive alleles, individuals may exist in a population as carriers without any outward signs of disease. For example, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a common hereditary disease.

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