CSS: The Missing Manual by David McFarland

By David McFarland

Website design has grown up. in contrast to the previous days, while designers cobbled jointly chunky HTML, bandwidth-hogging photographs, and a prayer to make their websites glance strong, Cascading variety Sheets (CSS) now we could your internal fashion designer pop out and play. yet CSS isn't only a software to lovely up your website; it's a competent approach for dealing with all types of presentation--from fonts and hues to web page format. "CSS: The lacking Manual" basically explains this robust layout language and the way you should use it to construct sparklingly new sites or refurbish outdated websites which are prepared for an improve.
Like their opposite numbers in print page-layout courses, variety sheets permit designers to use typographic kinds, photo improvements, and certain format directions to components on an internet web page. regrettably, as a result of CSS's complexity and the various demanding situations of creating pages that paintings in all net browsers, so much internet authors deal with CSS as one of those window-dressing to spruce up the looks in their websites. Integrating CSS with a site's underlying HTML is difficult paintings, and infrequently frustratingly advanced. accordingly a few of the strongest beneficial properties of CSS are left untapped. With this publication, newcomers and Web-building veterans alike can how you can navigate the ins-and-outs of CSS and take entire regulate over their net pages' appearance.

Author David McFarland (the bestselling writer of O'Reilly's Dreamweaver: The lacking Manual) combines crystal-clear reasons, real-world examples, a splash of humor, and dozens of step by step tutorials to teach you how to layout websites with CSS that paintings regularly throughout browsers. You'll methods to:

* Create HTML that's less complicated, makes use of much less code, is search-engine pleasant, and works good with CSS

* type textual content by means of altering fonts, shades, font sizes, and including borders

* flip easy HTML hyperlinks into advanced and engaging navigation bars-complete with CSS-only rollover results that upload interactivity on your web content

* kind pictures to create potent picture galleries and lighting tricks like CSS-based drop shadows

* Make HTML types glance nice with no lot of messy HTML
* conquer the main hair-pulling browser insects so your web content paintings continuously from browser to browser

* Create advanced layouts utilizing CSS, together with multi-column designs that don't require utilizing previous suggestions like HTML tables variety websites for printing

Unlike competing books, this lacking handbook doesn't think that everybody on the earth purely surfs the internet with Microsoft's web Explorer; our ebook offers help for all significant net browsers and is among the first books to entirely record the newly increased CSS aid in IE7, presently in beta release.

Want to profit how you can flip humdrum websites into locations that may seize audience and retain them longer? decide up CSS: The lacking Manual and research the true magic of this tool.

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