De materia medica by Pedanius Dioscorides of Anazarbus, Lily Y. Beck (transl.)

By Pedanius Dioscorides of Anazarbus, Lily Y. Beck (transl.)

This is often the 1st sleek English translation of Dioscorides’ huge 'De Materia Medica', written within the first century of our period. it's according to the Greek textual content demonstrated by means of Max Wellmann in 1906 - 1914. The medicinal fabrics whose resources, arrangements and makes use of are defined contain greater than six hundred crops, but in addition animal items and minerals. The id of vegetation relies at the most up-to-date scholarship on historic Graeco-Roman botany. 4 large indexes (plants, animals, minerals, scientific index) provide a simple entry to the textual content. The e-book may be of curiosity to classical philologists, to historians of drugs and of technological know-how, to ethnobotanists and different anthropologists, and to investigate pharmacologists who discover historical and folks scientific practices within the seek of recent chemotherapies.

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Camel hay 1. Camel hay: there is a kind that grows in Libya, another in Arabia, and another in that part of Arabia called Nabataia, which is the best. Second best is the Arabian, which some call Babylonion and others teuchitis; the Libyan is useless. Choose that which is fresh, reddish, and full of flowers, purplish and fine when split, smelling like roses when rubbed between the hands, and biting the tongue with a degree of burning. It is its flower, reeds, and root that are used. 2. It has properties that warm, crush stones, promote digestion, soften, open up, are diuretic, emmenagogic, relax breathing, cause headaches, and bind moderately.

On the other hand, malabar has more diuretic and more wholesome properties, and when boiled in wine and plastered on ground up, it is suitable for eye inflammations, t is also placed under the tongue to make the mouth smell good and it is set among articles of clothing, because it does keep them free of moths and fragrant. , Cassia27 1. There are many kinds of cassia growing up and down spicebearing Arabia. It has thick-barked shoots and leaves like those of the pepper. Choose it pale-yellow, healthy looking, resembling coral, narrow, smooth, long and thick-quilled, pungent in taste and astringent, somewhat burning, spicy, and smelling of wine.

3. It does accomplish everything that Syrian spikenard accomplishes, although it is more diuretic and better for the stomach. It helps for inflammations around the liver, the jaundiced, and for stomach gas when drunk with a decoction of wormwood Artemisia absinthum‫׳‬, it helps similarly the spleen, conditions associated with the bladder and kidneys, venomous bites when drunk with wine, and it is incorporated into emollients, draughts, and warming salves. , Mountain spikenard The mountain spikenard, which is called by some both thylacitis and pyritis, grows in Cilicia and Syria.

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