Detox Bath by John Pollock

By John Pollock

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Some people have reported that when practised regularly, it made giving up smoking easier by subduing nicotine cravings. Copyright 2005 R. Khalil & L. com 93 The list of the Derivative Bath’s benefits is endless, it has been reported to even reverse the greying of the hair! You owe it to yourself to at least give this incredibly simple and highly effective method a try. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this is too good to be true. That’s exactly how it sounds… My personal reaction upon reading the books was highly sceptical initially.

This for me, was a major achievement, it was what I wanted the most! Copyright 2005 R. Khalil & L. com 34 Everything began to fall back into place after that. The cherished -and oh so missed- “Flow” feeling seemed to comfortably reinstate itself back into my life. The cherished -and oh so missed“Flow” feeling seemed to comfortably reinstate itself back into my life. Is it possible for such a simple daily ten-minute bath to have such a tremendous impact? If not, I really don’t know what did. I had modified nothing else in my routine and my life circumstances hadn’t changed.

Copyright 2005 R. Khalil & L. com 90 Her work is a great homage to Louis Kuhne’s hydrotherapy and particularly the friction sitz bath. A journalist, as well as a dedicated naturopath, Guillain wrote several books on natural healing, sailing the seas, naturism and childcare. She currently actively runs seminars and workshops in Switzerland in an effort to teach and promulgate this amazing bath technique. Guillian is also a mathematician and physicist. However, unlike Kuhne, who reportedly cured serious illnesses using it, Guillain insists that the friction sitz or Derivative Bath should in no way be considered a therapy or medical treatment.

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