Discord and Collaboration: Essays on International Politics by Professor Arnold Wolfers

By Professor Arnold Wolfers

This merchandise was once a part of a heritage library in my father's domestic. was once by no means opened or learn.

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On whatever level the inimical confrontation takes place, it is bound to have far-reaching consequences both for the nations directly involved and for the other members of the multistate system. As a case in point, governments will experience a strong compulsion to expect the worst from their enemy, if only to be properly prepared. Yet excessive expectations concerning enemy action can have serious drawbacks; instead of deterring an opponent from taking action for which he has the capability, it may by the opponent lead to preparations so massive that hostile action is provoked rather than prevented.

The role this approach assigns to identifiable human beings and their predispositions. Although the emphasis on the decision- makers, like the emphasis on the minds of men, developed In protest against the states-as-actors theory, it was not also a reaction born of humanitarian or social considerations; It was provoked, by the sweeping, seemingly oversimplified psychological anthropological presuppositions on which the traditional instead, and theory rests. If nation-states are conceived of as the sole actors, it Is Inevitable that they be treated as if endowed, like human beings, with wills and minds of their own that permit them to reach decisions and to carry them out.

The external threat to any South American republic today Is incomparably less than the threats with Israel or Iran have to cope. It may be a threat to national which independence In one instance, while merely the loss of an increment of security or of economic advantage in another. Where less than national survival is at stake, there is far less compulsion and therefore a less uniform reaction. It is hard to predict the course that Nehru will follow as a consequence of the rather remote threats of the cold war to India.

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