Distortion in RF Power Amplifiers by Joel Vuolevi, Timo Rahkonen

By Joel Vuolevi, Timo Rahkonen

A remedy of distortion in RF strength amplifiers. It seeks to supply assistance on designing simply linearizable structures that experience low reminiscence results. The reader is obtainable a close knowing of the way the matching impedances of an influence amplifier and different RF circuits may be tuned to reduce total distortion. It additionally demonstrates easy methods to construct types that may be used for distortion simulations. The size method should still permit the reader to gauge the amplitude and part of distortion elements and realize reminiscence results. the quantity explains that through killing reminiscence results, it truly is attainable to take advantage of easy linearizers, resembling analogue predistortion, and nonetheless in achieving adequate functionality. It offers a distortion research strategy with a view to repeat the research with different amplifier constructions. With over a hundred and twenty equations and greater than one hundred ten illustrations, this functional reference seeks to supply the help essential to create amplifiers appropriate for linear transmitters, and gives perspectives of semiconductor modelling.

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In this case, the linear term a1x just amplifies the fundamental tones at ω1 and ω2 (ω2>ω1). The quadratic nonlinearity a2x2 rectifies the signal down to dc band to frequencies 0 Hz (dc) and ω2–ω1. It also generates the second harmonic band consisting of tones at 2ω1, 2ω2 and ω1+ω2, called the lower and higher second harmonic and the sum frequency, respectively. Similarly, the cubic nonlinearity a3x3 generates lower and higher IM3 at 2ω1–ω2, and 2ω2–ω1 and the compression/expansion terms (AM-AM) on top of the fundamental tones ω1 and ω2, all appearing in the fundamental signal band.

Spectral regrowth of a two-tone signal. AM-AM is shown as a dashed line next to fundamental tones. Some Circuit Theory and Terminology 23 Then what is the difference between the order of distortion and the degree of nonlinearity? 3) generates first-order tones, the second-degree (quadratic) term a2x2 second-order tones, and the third-degree (cubic) term third-order tones. However, the case is not so simple any more, if the input signal is already distorted, which is the typical case inside a real amplifier.

11. This book refers to such effects as memory effects, and distinguishes between two distinct types: electrothermal memory effects, which typically appear at low modulation frequencies (below 100 kHz), and electrical memory effects appearing above MHz modulation frequencies. 12 Phase of the IM3 component of a system with (solid line) and without (dashed line) memory effects. © IEEE 2001 [5]. 4. As a result, the two-tone signals are also affected by the amplitude and phase conversions. It then follows that memory effects can be characterized as changes in these conversions produced by a varying two-tone input [6].

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