Dolorosa Soror by Florence Dugas

By Florence Dugas

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SS: Hitler;s bloody sword

Штурмовые отряды СС. Роль Гитлера в формировании этой мощной нацистской силы. Униформа и методы применения частей СС в тылу и на фронте. Действия Ваффен-СС. В том числе на Восточном фронте. Обо всем этом рассказывается в материалах этого электронного сборника. Материалы написаны ведущими британскими историками, посвятившими истории нацизма и его военной силы не один десяток лет.

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She would go to Versailles, take a closer look at the magnificent theater the king had built to his scale. She was especially enthusiastic to see the performance hall designed by Gabriel. "The theater in the theater," she said, with the delighted air of having been the first one to come up with this banality. We stopped to talk at the rear of the Grand Trianon, leaning our elbows against the balustrade that overlooks the French gardens and, farther off, the great canal. In the semicircle that connects the gardens to the esplanade, a group of about fifteen Japanese tourists were listening attentively to the commentary of their charming guide.

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