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SS: Hitler;s bloody sword

Штурмовые отряды СС. Роль Гитлера в формировании этой мощной нацистской силы. Униформа и методы применения частей СС в тылу и на фронте. Действия Ваффен-СС. В том числе на Восточном фронте. Обо всем этом рассказывается в материалах этого электронного сборника. Материалы написаны ведущими британскими историками, посвятившими истории нацизма и его военной силы не один десяток лет.

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The relationship between the mind and the tattvas. In Western education this does not exist, and in Eastern education it is almost gone. It remains part of our individual experience and part of our mentality. There is an old story about how the body, mind, and soul came to be. That story tells us how they relate with each other. It begins with the Infinite pres­ ence of God. When God decided to come into the Creation to have experience a change occurred. That change came in stages like the gradual changes in the colors of the dawn.

Look at the animals. Have you watched birds build a home? They make the best homes. Without even hands, just with their beaks they put it together into a beautiful nest. Without all your sophisticated understanding, sensitivity, and subtlety, they can make a better home, and feed the young ones neither too lit­ tle nor too much. Then they take the young ones and teach them to fly. They teach them the art and power of their genetic strength that came with them. Then they are happy and let them go.

We do not see things as they are. We do not even hear our own thoughts clearly! Each thought comes cloaked in a cloud of projections, reactions, and facets. In order to deal with all these Facets, you must be able to speak directly with a Neutral Mind. You need to state clearly your fact. What do you need to say? Facts! Suppose you say, "This tooth is hurting. " This is direct and a fact. Then what would not be stating a fact? " I have a kind of pain in my mouth in one of the teeth . " Why is he speaking roundabout?

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