Embedded, Everywhere: A Research Agenda for Networked by Committee on Networked Systems of Embedded Computers,

By Committee on Networked Systems of Embedded Computers, National Research Council

File from the Committee on Networked platforms of Embedded desktops, desktop technological know-how and Telecommunications Board, nationwide study Council. Softcover.

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Its temperature, air quality, soil factors, or engine vibrations), they communicate and process those sensory data, and in real time they cause physical actions to be taken. Each node of an EmNet might be responsible for, say, one square meter of a farm. In the event of a one-node failure, data from geographical neighbor nodes might be 28 EMBEDDED, EVERYWHERE interpolated, so that the affected square meter of farmland does not go unattended until repairs can be made. Accordingly, the precise geolocation of that node is important in a way that is seldom true of today’s networks.

Software upgrades to emission controls or safety systems will be downloadable (obviously at some safe time) to where the car is, making it unnecessary to take the car into the shop. While many of these innovations seem far-fetched, they are in fact being prototyped now;3 it is likely that new advances and applications will emerge as the technology becomes widely deployed. For example, instrumented vehicles and highways could provide data that would inform a traffic management or control system.

Further, many EmNets will utilize general networking protocols. These protocols were originally precluded for safety-critical environments such as aircraft, but newer tools and techniques are starting to emerge and could be greatly enhanced by appropriate research. • Highly engineered versus unconstrained, ad hoc systems. Some EmNets are highly engineered systems, such as those used in ships and aircraft to perform particular functions, like monitoring and controlling the performance of the engine.

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