Emotions: A Brief History by Keith Oatley

By Keith Oatley

Feelings: a quick historical past investigates the historical past of feelings throughout cultures in addition to the evolutionary historical past of feelings and of emotional improvement throughout an individual's existence span. In transparent and obtainable language, Keith Oatley examines key subject matters similar to emotional intelligence, emotion and the mind, and emotional issues. all through, he interweaves 3 issues: the adjustments that feelings have gone through from the earlier to the current, the level to which we will keep an eye on our feelings, and the ways that feelings aid us figure the deeper layers of ourselves and our relations.

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They killed one man, but one of their number was seriously wounded, though he later recovered. Kayabawa¨ felt revenge had been accomplished, but others wanted to continue. Chagnon said that while he stayed with them, there were six more raids by the Monou-teri and Bisassi-teri against the Patanowa¨-teri. Chagnon says that in the Yanomamo¨, we see our own history, indeed see ourselves now as in a mirror: people who easily take offense. If a wrong is done us, we retaliate, even when it may cost more than we can ever afford.

By contrast, the males of Homo erectus were, like modern humans, only about 15 percent larger than females. They had smaller arms, longer legs, smaller teeth, and smaller guts. Their brains had not yet reached modern human size but were about 1,000 cc, almost double the size of habilis brains. 11 Our chimpanzee cousins also obtain most of their food from vegetable sources (fruits), but they also hunt small animals, principally colobus monkeys. So they include a proportion of meat in their diet.

It must have been one in which people were made happy by being with friends, close relatives, lovers. Just as now, our ancestors were EVOLUTION, CULTURE, AND A NECESSARY AMBIVALENCE 29 concerned for their children, concerned that friends and loved ones liked them, upset if something, or someone, they valued was lost or taken. The species from which we are descended had members who made close relationships with each other that allowed them to commit themselves to plans, and to become sad when the plans did not work out.

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