Exploring the Polar Regions by Harry S. Anderson, John S. Bowman, Maurice Isserman

By Harry S. Anderson, John S. Bowman, Maurice Isserman

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Both fur and feathers trap air within their fibers and reduce the transfer of heat from the body to the outer layers of clothing and thus into the surrounding cold air. Some material is specially adapted by nature to provide maximum insulation. Suddenly, the shoreline began to tail away to due south. Hudson followed for 200 miles only to find that the shoreline abruptly turned north and the explorers realized that they were in a dead end. They had in fact sailed out of Hudson Bay into James Bay, an appendage of the larger bay.

Sailors with Ferdinand Magellan in 1520 called them “strange black geese” and were surprised that they could not fly. W. G. ” The penguin, beautifully graceful in the water, is much less so on land or ice. Its waddle is intensified by the fact that the penguin is, or seems to be, always off balance. Indeed, penguins are easily thrown off kilter by the slightest bump or irregularity in the ice or rock. After stumbling, they appear to glare at the tiny offending obstacle, adjust the egg they might be carrying on their foot, and swagger off.

The price of discovery would be high in terms of human suffering and life. The terrible climate and conditions of the Arctic and the Antarctic would not, however, discourage generations of explorers from their quest of discovery and enlightenment. 3 A Northwest Passage The Search Begins \ After Christopher Columbus’s successful voyage to North America in 1492, serious interest was generated in finding a passage through or north of this newly found landmass that would lead to Asia from the west.

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