Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by O. Richard Norton

By O. Richard Norton

Imagine the original adventure of being the first actual individual to carry a newly-found meteorite on your hand – a rock from house, older than Earth!

"Weekend meteorite looking" with magnets and steel detectors is changing into ever extra renowned as a hobby, yet after all you can’t simply stroll round and decide up meteorites within the similar means that you should choose up seashells at the seashore. these fragments that survived the serious warmth of re-entry are inclined to hide themselves as average rocks over the years, and it takes a informed eye – in addition to the knowledge during this publication – to acknowledge them.

Just as novice astronomers are conversant in the telescopes and add-ons had to research a celestial item, novice meteoriticists need to use apparatus starting from uncomplicated hand lenses to microscopes to review a specimen, to spot its style and origins.

Equipment and strategies are lined intimately the following in fact, in addition to an entire and completely illustrated consultant to what chances are you'll locate and the place chances are you'll locate it. actually, the sphere consultant to Meteors and Meteorites includes pretty well every little thing an novice astronomer – or geologist – must learn about meteors and meteorites.

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56 billion years ago. The mission’s objectives are to send a spacecraft to asteroids 4 Vesta and 1 Ceres, among the largest asteroids orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Of the thousands of asteroids orbiting in the main belt, asteroid 1 Ceres is the largest at 584 mi (940 km) in diameter, while 4 Vesta ranks 4th at 330 mi (530 km) in diameter. The two asteroids are quite different from each other. 1 Ceres is the most primitive. It contains both water and organic compounds much like carbonaceous chondrite meteorites and it may harbor clues to the origin of life.

For a given focal ratio, the shorter the focal length of the lens the brighter the meteor trail will be. If you compare a photograph of a meteor trail made with a 28-mm focal length to that made with a 50-mm focal length lens, their focal ratios being the same, the shorter focal length lens will produce a brighter image even though the width and length of the meteor train will be smaller with the 50-mm lens. As if all these details are not enough to think about when making long time exposures, you must also be aware of relative humidity.

References and Useful Web Sites Books Beatty JK, Petersen CC, Chaikin A. The New Solar System, Fourth edition. Sky Publishing Company; 1999. Cunningham CJ. Introduction to Asteroids. Willmann-Bell; 1988. Bell J, Mitton J (editors). Asteroid Rendezvous NEAR Shoemaker’s Adventures at Eros. Cambridge University Press; 2002. Lewis JS. Rain of Iron and Ice. Helix Books; 1996. html CHAPTER THREE Meteoroids to Meteorites: Lessons in Survival Atmospheric Entry Meteorites are rocks from other worlds. To reach Earth intact, all meteoroids must pass a rigorous test before they can become meteorites.

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