Finding Good Farmland: How to Evaluate and Acquire Land for by Ann Larkin Hansen

By Ann Larkin Hansen

This useful advisor comprises all the details you must have ahead of deciding to buy farmland, protecting every thing from the features of the land and the encompassing region to govt rules, land use concerns, and financing. Checklists and questionnaires are incorporated that will help you make a decision precisely what you would like and the way to discover it.

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How to identify: This is characterized by sparse, stunted vegetation in the case of rock and hardpan. Soil with a high water table planted with normal crops will show the same symptom; if wetland plants are growing there instead they may appear green and lush. Dig around with a shovel to see if this is indeed the problem. • Salinized land, where over-irrigation has left so much salt in the root zone that many plants won’t grow, and those that do, struggle. How to identify: The certain diagnosis of this condition is a soil test.

As a general rule, you should fix problems whose source is on-site; off-site problems generally require installation of a treatment system capable of dealing with the specific contaminant(s). In some cases, there is no good remedy. If the water is contaminated with bacteria, you can start by shock-chlorinating the well. Follow the directions on the EPA or American Groundwater Trust websites, or hire a professional. If this doesn’t provide a permanent fix, the problem probably comes from beyond the well.

With a strong back on a small acreage with a moderate rock load you can manually pick rocks. Larger acreages can sometimes be cleared with hired equipment, if the land isn’t too steep. Soil Type Soil comes in three broad classes, depending on the ratio of coarse, fine, and medium-sized mineral particles in its makeup. Sandy soils are coarse, light and easy to work. These soils warm up quickly in the spring and are especially good for root crops and deep-rooted plants such as alfalfa. Sandy soils do not hold water or nutrients well and so require more constant attention to maintain fertility.

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