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Toxicological data The EU uses a tiered approach when determining the amount of toxicology data needed to support the safe use of a substance in the production of food-contact materials. The tiers are determined based on potential levels of migration to food; this approach deviates from the approach used in certain other jurisdictions, such as the United States and Canada, where the amount of toxicology data needed to support the safe use of a foodcontact material is determined based upon the potential level of dietary exposure to the substance.

The proposed draft contains more specific details on the information that companies must generally provide in their declarations of compliance, and also imposes some new record-keeping requirements. More specifically, the fourth amendment would replace Article 9 of the Plastics Directive to make clear that food-contact articles must be accompanied by a declaration of compliance at all marketing stages other than the retail stage. The declaration would need to include information on the product and the manufacturer or importer, confirmation that the product complies with the relevant legislation, and information on any restrictions on the use of the material, for example, restrictions on food type, temperature, or the minimum surface-to-volume ratio that the article must contact to guarantee compliance.

Czech Republic The Czech Republic has adopted a positive list of additives that also applies to colors, pigments, printing inks, and surface coatings. The Czech Republic has also adopted positive list requirements for rubber, metals, paper and board, cork products and lacquers, as well as purity requirements for colorants, pigments, and fillers. Czech food-contact regulation forms a part of the public health protection legislation. The basic legal instrument in this area is Act No. ’ Food-contact materials are covered by this category of products.

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