Food Microbiology: Fundamentals, Challenges and Health by Elaine Perkins

By Elaine Perkins

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5% of them were infected with L. monocytogenes. « Listeria is present in the environment worldwide »- is a statement frequently appearing in works describing Listeria bacilli. It is commonly believed that this bacterium is a permanent resident of soil habitat and, therefore, isolated from fruits and vegetables that had contact with contaminated soil. A question arises, then, whether L. monocytogenes is indeed a microorganism of the soil habitat and whether it is so ubiquitous in soil? The pioneering work by Welshimer presented the first evidence that soil is an environmental niche for L.

Simultaneously, a culture into single colonies was performed on the Listeria Selective Agar medium (LSA, CM 856, Oxoid) with Listeria Selective Supplement (SR 140, Oxoid) and incubated at 30ºC for 48h. The last stage of isolation included streaking from Fraser medium onto LSA medium. Isolation from Fruits and Vegetables A sample of fruit or vegetable (25 g) was placed in a sterile foil bag, homogenized with 225 mL of semi-Fraser broth for 2 min in a stomacher 400 (Colworth, England), and incubated at 30 ºC for 24 h.

In E. ), Food Polymers, Gels and Colloids. (1rst edition, pp. 180193) Cambridge, Royal Society of Chemistry. Wilson, P. D. G. (2000). Microbial modelling in structured foods. In J. F. M. Van Impe, and K. ), Predictive modelling in foods — Conference proceedings (pp. 224– 225). Belgium: KULeuven/BioTeC90-804818-3-1. Wilson, P. D. , Brocklehurst, T. , Wimpenny, J. W. T. and Van Impe, J. F. (2002). Modelling microbial growth in structured foods: towards a unified approach. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 73, 275-289.

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