From Modernism to Postmodernism (Blackwell Philosophy by Lawrence E. Cahoone

By Lawrence E. Cahoone

From Modernism to Postmodernism is the main authoritative and finished selection of the major vintage and modern readings of postmodernity and modernity.

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This need not mean that there is no real world, but that we only encounter real referents through texts, representations, mediation. we can never say what is independent of all saying. origin is the notion of the source of whatever is under consideration, a return to which is often consideredthe aim of rational inquiry. Inquiry into origins is an attempt to seebehind or beyond phenomena to their ultimate foundation. g. existenialism,psychoanalysis, phenomenology, even Marxism), the attempt to discover the 74 Introduction origin of the self is the road to authenticity.

Harding (New york cambridge university press, 19so). Marxism, under some interpretations, is an exception to this trend. some, emphasizing Marx's historical determinism, have aspired to the model of the sciences,while others, more concerned with individualism and alienation (sometimescalled "western Marxists"), have rejectedpretensionsto scientific methodology. Not that these aims disappearedentirely. " But here too, the direction of movement is away from the self of phenomenology, existentialism, and psychoanalysis,and toward super-individual structures.

The section thus brings together many of the prominent voices in the contemporary debate over postmodernism,both pro and con. The volume's selectionsare ordered chronologically. Editor's notes, referenced by lower case roman numerals, are at the bottom of the page; all author's notes, referenced by Arabic numerals, appear as endnotes. My additions to the author's endnotes are in square brackets; any other additions to the text in square brackets, unless otherwise noted, are the translators', or in rare casesa former editor's.

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