Galen on the Brain: Anatomical Knowledge and Physiological by Dr Julius Rocca

By Dr Julius Rocca

This ebook is a examine of the ways that Galen sought to set up the mind because the regent half (hegemonikon) of the physique, using a rigorous anatomical epistemology and a regularly subtle (but perforce constrained) set of physiological arguments. half 1 surveys the clinical and philosophical earlier within which the examine of the mind happened, and appears on the fabrics and techniques which Galen employs to valid his hegemonic argumentation. half 2 examines Galen's anatomical realizing of the mind, specifically the ventricles. half three bargains a serious assessment of Galen's body structure of the mind. this can be the 1st monograph to provide an in depth account of this topic, environment it in the cultural and highbrow contexts of its period, and may be of curiosity to these in classics, scientific historical past, heritage and philosophy of technological know-how and the historical past of rules.

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Should also be denied Hippocratic authorship, since they would not suit a Hippocrates in harmony with Plato. As Tieleman, 1995c, 605, notes, Galen solves this problem by simply not referring to them. 49 The treatise never denies divine causation in epilepsy. It is equally as divine and as human. Cf. Prioreschi, 1992. 50 VI. 382 L; p. 78 Grensemann. 51 This description could have been obtained from any sacrificial animal and does not indicate a human dissection was performed. 52 Intelligence and sensation are in the brain precisely because these attributes have been passed to it from the outside air.

336–340 Deichgräber) which, unfortunately, lists only the titles of the theses and antitheses concerning sites of the hegemonikon (employing the term érxÆ). Cf. CaujolleZaslawsky, 1994, 863; Runia, 1999b, 242–3; Von Staden, 1999b, 177–185. 9 Apart from Galen, on the encephalocentric side can be placed, among others, Ptolemy, Herophilus and Erasistratus, Plato, the author of the Hippocratic text The sacred disease, and certain of the Presocratics. Among the cardiocentrists can be numbered Aristotle, the author of the late Hippocratic text The heart, and the Stoics.

Pp. 178–180 Furley-Wilkie; IV. 733 K. See also Harris, 1973, 379ff. Some of these youths are likely to have been Galen’s students; they are surely more than ciphers introduced solely to ridicule an Erasistratean. They are employed to illustrate the vigorous format of thrust and counter thrust, typical of the competitive world in which Galen and his fellow doctors performed. 49 On these experiments see AA II. 4, pp. 11, pp. 104–107 Duckworth. Walsh’s 1926 account is not reliable. 51 In De praenotione for example, at the request of Flavius Boethus, a group of physicians and Stoic and Peripatetic philosophers gather for an anatomical demonstration by Galen.

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