Geometrisation of 3-Manifolds (EMS Tracts in Mathematics) by Laurent Bessieres, Gerard Besson, Michel Boileau

By Laurent Bessieres, Gerard Besson, Michel Boileau

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We say that an evolving metric g. t / is C 1 -smooth. 2 Evolving metrics and Ricci flow with bubbling-off 27 For t 2 Œa; b, we say that t is regular if g. / is C 1 -smooth in a neighbourhood of t . Otherwise t is called singular. By definition, the set of singular times is finite. a; b/ is a singular time, then it follows from the definition that the map g. t /. There are similar definitions where the domain of definition Œa; b is replaced by an open or a half-open interval I . When I has infinite length, the set of singular times may be infinite, but must be discrete as a subset of R.

In this way we get an evolving metric g. / defined on Œ0; T1 /, where T1 is the supremum of the Tn ’s. 9, the set of singular times is a discrete subset of R, so g. r; ı; Ä/-bubbling-off. Hence we can apply Zorn’s lemma. T 0 ; g. // 2 X be a maximal element. Its scalar curvature lies between 6 and ‚, hence it is bounded. Its curvature is pinched toward positive so the sectional curvature is also bounded. 2 we may extend g. T 0 / 6 ‚. CN/r is satisfied on Œ0; T 0 . NC/Ä (cf. 4). r; ı; Ä/-bubbling-off on the closed interval Œ0; T 0 .

On U g0 . / on U Œa; b, if kg. / g0 . /kŒ" 1 ;U Œa; b, we say that g. / is "-close to Œa;b;g0 . t /kŒ" t2Œa;b Closeness of evolving metrics. U0 ; g0 . U; g. /; x/, where g0 . / and g. U; g. U0 ; g0 . /; / if there exists a C Œ" C1 -diffeomorphism from U0 to U sending to x, and such that g. / is "-close to g0 . / on U0 Œa; b. U; g. U0 ; g0 . // if there exist points x 2 U and x0 2 U0 such that this property holds. Pointed convergence of evolving metrics. x1 ; t0 // if there exists an exhaustion of M by open sets Uk , such that x 2 Uk for all k, and smooth maps k W Uk !

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