God's Wider Presence by Robert K. Johnston

By Robert K. Johnston

A senior theologian explores how Christians are to appreciate the broader revelatory presence of God, mediated outdoors the church via production, judgment of right and wrong, and tradition.

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We do not whisper God by shouting “man,” and creation on its own must be read “tooth and claw,” but, again, things are somewhat more complex than Berkouwer suggests. For if “natural theology” is more to be equated with “natural revelation,” with the Creator speaking in and through his creation, then the nature psalms and books like Job do give voice to God’s revelatory Presence through nature. ”26 No power, yes. But does Elijah’s confrontation with the priests of Baal irrefutably show that God cannot be seen in creation, even as he shines in all that’s fair?

28 Several days later, while he and Phil continued to drift on the calm sea, Zamperini astonishingly heard singing. Though Phil heard or saw nothing, Louie saw human figures floating in a bright cloud, silhouetted against the sky. ” This was, he felt certain, no hallucination, no vision. ”29 Responding to Creation, Conscience, and Culture Working Together But lest one wrongly conclude from my selection of testimonials that nature/ creation is the only source of such experiences of the Transcendent (something chapter 3 will redress more completely as it takes up our experiences of the Sacred through the arts), let me offer two final testimonials—testimonials of how creation can work alongside culture and conscience to convey God’s revelatory Presence.

Michael Buckley, At the Origins of Modern Atheism (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990). indd 43 8/20/14 10:34 AM 24 ↜God’s Wider Presence a revaluing of long-abandoned religious experience. What was thought in the previous decades to be precious, private, without rational foundation, and mainly for children was again valued as holistic, human, spiritual. 12 Hay and his colleague Kate Hunt interviewed three focus groups of people who had been preselected randomly at a Nottingham shopping center because they reported that they never went to church.

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