Good Health Abroad. A Traveller's Handbook by W. H. Jopling

By W. H. Jopling

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A list of relevant addresses and telephone num­ bers will be found on p. 87 of this book and also in the booklet provided by the Passport Office whenever a passport is applied for or renewed; this booklet is entitled Essential Information for Holders of United Kingdom Passports, and should be studied by all those who intend to travel abroad. It can be obtained from any of the following: Belfast: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Passport Agency, ist Floor, Marlborough House, 30 Victoria Street, Belfast B T i 3LY.

Press-ups. Lie on front (prone) and place hands under shoulders with palms flat on floor. Straighten arms to lift body with only palms and toes on floor, keeping back straight. Slowly resume original position. G. A C C L I M A T I Z A T I O N Air travel, by transporting the traveller rapidly from a cool environment to a hot one, can severely tax the body's heatregulating mechanism, and much depends on the time of year in which the journey is undertaken. T h e traveller leaving a temperate climate in summer, particularly in a hot summer, should be able to adjust quite readily to tropical temperatures, but it is a different story in winter.

The £300 allowance can be taken abroad irrespective of how much you have already paid for fares and travel services, such as hotel accommodation and cruises, so long as these payments were made in Britain through a bank or in sterling to a tour operator or travel agent. If you need more than £300 for the journey, for example, if you are travelling for business or professional reasons, you may apply to a bank, tour operator or travel agent for an additional allowance of foreign currency. You can obtain your standard allowance in several forms, including letters of credit or travellers' cheques expressed either in sterling and marked as 'available throughout the world' or in any foreign currency.

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